Adrienne D. : Barista

Adrienne D.


Adrienne has never met a coffee she doesn’t like! She always makes a point to try a new coffee shop when she travels and has enjoyed exploring the many coffee shops of Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Cruz while living there. Adrienne first worked as a barista from 2013-2015. She was very excited to join the Folsom Grind team in September of 2017. Adrienne loves working in an intimate cafe with such a wide variety of local pastries and a food and drink menu that allows each baristas’ creativity shine. In her free time, Adrienne enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, getting outdoors, binging on Netflix, and working on her goal of going back to school for a graduate degree.

Favorite drinks: A good old fashion cup of drip coffee and many types of lattes

Anthony J. : Barista

Anthony J.


Although Anthony recently joined the Folsom Grind team, he has been working as a barista for over seven years. His favorite part of being a barista is getting to know customers and making classic espresso drinks. In his free time, Anthony enjoys skateboarding, surfing, BBQing anything that will go on a grill, listening to music, and getting to know the town of Sacramento with friends by his side.

Favorite drink: Americano

Jenna D. : Barista

Jenna D.


Jenna started learning how to be a barista in 2014 in Santa Cruz, CA. She discovered how therapeutic the process can be. Jenna also loves hiking, swimming, camping and listening to all genres of music. She recently went back to school and in a couple of semesters, she will be training in an EMT certification program.

Favorite drink: Black coffee and Espresso Con Panna

Colleen P. : Barista

Colleen P.


Although Colleen is new to the art of coffee making, she is no stranger to the need for caffeine as she works to complete her AA-T in Communications at Folsom Lake College. Outside of work and school, she enjoys time volunteering, reading, traveling, and obsessing over dogs.

Favorite Drink: Chai tea latte with two shots of espresso

Hannah M. : Barista

Hannah M.


Hannah recently moved to the Folsom Area from Reno/Tahoe. She loves to read and watch Sacramento Kings basketball! She has had a passion for coffee for years.

Favorite drink: Iced green tea latte.